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    Our Wish List

    The needs of a properly run facility are many and varied. Since we receive no government local, state or federal funding we rely entirely on your thoughtful tax deductible contributions. The monetary cost to run proper facility is high.

    If you have any of the following items in working order, please consider how much it could assist with the on going care of the animals. Your donation can make a difference.

    If you have something not listed that you think we may be able to use don't be shy, give us a call we may have a use for it.


    Have fun shopping! If you would like to look for enrichment toys, click on the chew toy to go to Sanctuary Supplies and look for our wish list under Big cats of Serenity Springs. Thank you for your donation!



    JD gator or gator type vehicles
    Tractor with 3 point attachment capibility


    Construction grade nail guns
    Sledge hammers
    Wire Cutters

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    Our CFC number is 88594

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