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    The Tigers of Serenity Springs

    Seth, one of our fuzzy tigers, came to SSWC with his two sisters from Myrtle Beach, SC where they were used for photo opportunities. They were not properly vaccinated and contracted parvo, Seth was the only one to survive. Seth loves to rough house and play with his buddy Daisy.
    These playful boys, Twinkle, Lazareth and Diablo were born at SSWC. Their parents are Reyna and Shirkan. Lazareth likes to dunk his food in the pool and then eat it. Ick! Twinkle is the dominate male, probably to get back at the person who named him Twinkle and Diablo loves to play in the pool and stalk and pounce on his brothers.
    Previously owned by Dirk Arthur, Snowmagic was brought to the SSWC to retire after being a featured performer in Arthur’s Xtreme Magic show at the Tropicana Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

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