Florida Insurance Quotes

The ins and outs of Florida motorcycle insurance.

The bill comes in the mail and you hang your head, wondering how in the world you’re going to pay thousands of dollars of medical bills. It’s a scenario that millions of Americans find themselves in if they’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident and sadly, they weren’t carrying insurance at the time of the crash.

Even though insurance is critically important should you ever be involved in an accident according to
https://floridainsurancequotes.net/motorcycle-insurance-quote/, many people either don’t carry insurance or carry minimum liability policies. Some people who choose not to carry insurance have the attitude “well, I’m a good driver and have never been in an accident.”

“If” is a huge word and carries many implications. What “if” you’re cut off by someone who was paying more attention to their phone than the road? What “if” you are rear-ended by a driver who failed to stop in time? What “if” it’s not your fault, but you find yourself in the hospital with a broken collarbone?

With so many motorists on the roads and highways every day, it’s imperative that any person operating a motorized vehicle carry insurance, for all of the aforementioned “what if” scenarios. 

Is it worth the risk?

The risks from not carrying insurance increase further if you’re a motorcyclist. According to https://floridainsurancequotes.net/motorcycle-insurance/what-you-need-to-know-about-florida-motorcycle-insurance/, every day thousands of motorcyclists are involved in accidents. Accidents that can leave you seriously injured with numerous injuries and mounting hospital bills.

Although insurance rules and regulations vary greatly by state, the majority of states require, by law, that motorists carry a minimum of a liability insurance policy. Florida motorcycle insurance rules differ somewhat and it’s actually not required by the state that a motorcyclist carry insurance. However, anyone operating a motorcycle is strongly encouraged to protect themselves and their checkbook by carrying insurance.

If you don’t carry Florida motorcycle insurance, you could be asked to provide proof of financial responsibility. The easiest and most common way people choose to do this is by purchasing a liability policy. Riders can also choose to get a financial responsibility certificate, or you can choose to post a surety bond with an insurance company. You may also choose to get a self-insurance certificate if you meet certain income criteria.

Don’t pay the penalties

Unfortunately, many drivers choose to ignore the state’s recommended guidelines and they can find themselves in financial hot water if they cause an accident and cannot show proof that they can pay for damages. If this occurs, your driver’s license, registration and motorcycle plates could be suspended. You could also be forced to pay steep reinstatement fees to get your privileges back. 

When in doubt, check it out

Again, the laws vary greatly state to state, so it’s highly recommended that you contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain information on Florida motorcycle insurance rules. Insurance fromplaces like this is there for a reason. It takes away the “what ifs” and gives you the assurance you need that should an accident occur, you’ll be covered and not facing a mountain of medical expenses.