What you’ll find at Serenity Springs Wildlife Center

Serenity Springs Wildlife Center is dedicated to providing a safe, stable and permanent environment for non-domestic felines and other wildlife.

Here at Serenity Springs Wildlife Center, our animals have constant companionship, attention and the best care we can provide. We are licensed by state (Colorado Division of Wildlife) and federal agencies (USDA APHIS) which ensures we continue to maintain a high level of care. We hold the same licenses as every traditional zoo in the country.

It is with joy that we provide care and love to the lions, tigers, leopards, bobcats, cougars and other exotic animals that have been in a situation causing their lives or well-being to be jeopardized.

There are very few facilities dedicated solely to providing a permanent home for displaced big cats. One reason is that the cost to properly run a facility of this nature is very high. Serenity Springs Wildlife Center’s operational costs are now over $19,000 a month.

We are often asked: How do we get our big cats? The answer is as varied as the personalities of the animals themselves. Over 120 big cats call Serenity Springs Wildlife Center their home. Each has a name, face and personality. There is currently a waiting list for more cats needing a home at Serenity Springs Wildlife Center.

We take those we have room for, getting them here however we can. We ache for those we turn away. For every cat we are able to take in, we must turn away several more due to lack of funding and transport costs.