Open Wide and Show Me Those Pearly Whites

I am very excited to share with you my excitement and gratitude to the Peter Emily international Veterinary Dental Foundation for joining me at our facility this August to perform several much needed dental procedures. While we have had the medical facility for several years, much to my frustration the specialized medical equipment necessary to do advanced dental work on creatures as large as our cats was not accessible to us.

We hosted a team of 15 Veterinary Dentists and Veterinary Technicians who performed anesthesia, dental radiographs, root canals, extraction of broken teeth on six of our cats who were most in need. It is one thing to perform held sedation for examinations, bloodwork, or minor procedures — it is. QUITE another thing to perform general anesthesia on a 4 pound creature with big teeth and claws. Please give all those who helped LIFT these creatures not just a PAT on the back, but a nice back RUB – they earned it!

I am grateful to Dr. Tony Woodward and Dr. Jamie Gaynor for bringing additional anesthesia machines, so we could get more cats done. Several of these cats were so big that we had to connect 2 machines together in order to keep them anesthetized! Also thank you to Dr. Cynthia Florek and her team who assisted me on Day 2.

One example of the type of work that was done is with jamma, a black leopard who has had a draining wound on his chin for several years, he had 2 root canals and 1 infected tooth & bone removed, which took almost 4 hours to complete. Kasper, a white tiger had 3 root canals done on broken canine (fang) teeth. All of our patients were on antibiotics, pain medication and as you might imagine, soft food for several days, and are now doing quite well,

We had a few “exciting moments’ and I learned that managing that many Vets makes you TIRED! The PEIVDF team reported that they enjoyed working in our facility and would love to come back to help us provide more dental care to the cats who need itl

Dr. Melanie A. Marsden