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    Educational Tours

    We believe children are the key to the survival of not just the big cats but the world as a whole.

    "Tell me and I forget; show me and I remember; involve me and I understand". Chinese Proverb

    Nothing compares to seeing a lion's eyes or hearing a tiger chuff. For this reason, Serenity Springs Wildlife Center is available for class field trips, scouting groups and tours designed specifically for daycare centers.

    We hope the spark ignited in a child's heart after seeing the animals turns out to be a priceless contribution to the future. For older students, we believe a tour of our facility will enhance their scientific studies.

    When you arrive for a scheduled visit, a guide will take you throughout the facility explaining how cats come to us, what their adjustment was like and their special needs, such as their likes and dislikes. Your guide will be able to answer questions on the care and keeping of the animals. You are sure to hear some fascinating tales relating to the care of these wonderful animals.

    Kids, do you know what a caracal is and what sound it makes? You can get a sneak peak of one below, listen carefully to hear him trill. When you come out to the facility, you'll see how much Kit has grown up and maybe he'll even trill for you in person!


    Parents and teachers are expected to ensure children behave in a proper manner adhering to all rules set forth by this facility. We strive to educate young and old alike on the care of and responsibility to big cats in captivity.

    Send us an email to schedule a tour or class trip. We will contact you and give you more information on how we can add to class enrichment.


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