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    The cougars of Serenity Springs

    Boo, a sweet natured cat, was given to SSWC by a couple from Kansas when the law requiring a USDA license was passed. He was their house cat. His name is Boo because he used to hide behind the sofa and they would come up behind him and yell “BOO!"
    One of our favorite mountain lions, Clyde, came to SSWC from Montana when the couple that owned him separated. He is very friendly and loves to greet folks on the tour with "Meow" and loud purring.
    Loredo is the type of cougar that you would see on a Field & Stream cover.  Easily a quarter larger than the male cougars you would see around town, he was originally purchased by Nick to be trained for the movies and commercials. Loredo was raised in the house and when he was two years old he pulled a ceiling fan out and had to be relocated to this outdoor enclosure.
    When she arrived at 20 days old, Sierra, was malnourished, dehydrated, had diarrhea and ringworm and not expected to survive. She was raised in the house until she was 2 years old. When the UPS deliveryman threatened to stop delivering if Sierra kept “answering the door,” she was moved to her outdoor home and she's never forgiven Nick for it.
    Sargent and Cheyenne came to us in 2004 when Jungleland Zoo in Florida was shut down due to poor conditions. They love to romp around, nap and play with each other.

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