The Facility

What you’ll find at Serenity Springs Wildlife Center Serenity Springs Wildlife Center is dedicated to providing a safe, stable and permanent environment for non-domestic felines and other wildlife. Here at Serenity Springs Wildlife Center, our animals have constant companionship, attention and the best care we can provide. We are licensed by state (Colorado Division of […]

Our On-Site Veterinary Clinic

Those of you with pets know how challenging a simple visit to the vet’s office can be. Can you imagine trying it with a 500 pound tiger? We have been blessed with a very dedicated and talented veterinarian, Dr. Melanie Marsden, President of the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association. She has worked tirelessly alongside us since […]

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The Experience SSWC is first and foremost a safe healthy facility for exotic animals. It is a place of refuge and a secure home for the animals who come here. The animals who reside here are not asked to perform or “do” anything other than their normal behavior. The staff and employees work hard to […]