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    Snow Magic Update

    Many of you have asked for an update on our beloved Snow Magic. Snow came to Serenity Springs in 2009 from a prominent Las Vegas magic show. He suffered a spinal aneurism that caused him to loose the use of his hind legs. Subsequent acupuncture and steroid treatments returned function to one leg but unfortunately not the other. After consulting with numerous veterinarians and a neurologist, two options remained for Snow: he could be put down or amputation of the useless leg could be attempted.

    Snow is a sweet boy and one of approximately 17 pure white tigers with no stripes in the world. Putting him down was just not an option. So, with your help and generosity, Serenity Springs was able to raise the funds to have the leg amputated. Snow was taken to Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine where he successfully underwent amputation of his hind leg. To our knowledge this is the only amputation of this sort performed on a big cat.

    His story has inspired a zoo in Germany to consider a similar surgery for one of their tigers that was going to be put down due to a leg injury. Snow’s legacy may bring magic to another tiger half a world away. Snow is now a happy twelve-year-old tiger that chuffs at his visitors again-in fact, he began chuffing the day after the surgery.

    Snow can no longer get in and out of a galvanized tank/pool to enjoy a good tiger soaking, as he did before his illness. We would love to build Snow his own personalized handicapped tiger pool so that he can once again enjoy the water. Please consider donating to make this possible.


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