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    Serenity Springs Wildlife Center
    Adopt-A-Cat Program

    If you would like to support the facility as a whole instead of just
    one specific cat, become a Member of the Pride.

    You can now adopt your favorite cat at Serenity Springs Wildlife Center!

    When you adopt one of the residents, you will receive:

    • A beautiful 5x7 color print of your animal suitable for framing
    • A welcome letter that tells you they story of your animal
    • Passes for our standard guided tour of the wildlife center
    • A personal meet and greet with your sponsored animal (please be sure to schedule this appt)
    • A nameplate with your name in front of your animals enclosure
    • With an annual pre-paid adoption you will receive a beautiful 8x10 color print suitable for framing
    • The satisfaction or being an important part of helping these wonderful animals, who call Serenity Springs Wildlife Center their home.

    Your financial commitment ensures that your cat continues to have regular medical care, enrichment toys, nutritious, quality meals and a clean, safe enclosure with plenty of space to sleep, play and live.

    (printable version). Please fill out the Adoption Form


    Call or email lori@serenityspringswildlife.org for a list of Animals available for adoption.

    $200 per month for Large Rare Cats

    $150 per month for Lions

    $100 per month for Bengal and Siberian Tigers

    $75 per month for Black or Spotted Leopards

    $50 per month for Cougars

    $25 per month for smaller cats and non felines

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    Our CFC number is 88594

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